Sibila Law has been at the forefront of digital closings for years, helping clients flocking to South Florida close deals with safety and security top of mind.


Written by Yoshi Sanz for Brickell Magazine

In recent months, virtual has taken over everything: the way we shop, communicate, learn, and even the way to buy real estate. Video and virtual showings have taken center stage, negotiations have moved to Zoom and contracts are being inked with digital signatures. Sibila Law was quick to revamp their “closing table” thanks to changes in Florida Law that now facilitate fully digital closings. Before 2020, traditional in-person closings required witnesses to be in the same room and had to include “wet ink signatures.” While other lawyers were scrambling to adjust to digital life, Sibila Law leaned on their tech-forward, closing infrastructure process to keep deals moving down the pipeline.

“Having already made investments in cyber security and data protection, offering a complete, end-to-end digital closing experience was the next step in improving our client service and standing out amongst the competition,” says Estrellita S. Sibila, JD, LLM, who has been helping buyers and sellers around the country. “Our clients have enjoyed the security of working with an attorney on their purchase, the ease of communication and completing the transaction, and that we are keeping them and our staff safe in the process.”











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