Deal Makers

Whether it’s your first home, vacation home or the waterfront home of your dreams, Sibila Law lets you invest with ease and peace of mind. Our attorneys work diligently to close each transaction in a timely manner, utilizing the latest technology, communication portals and state-of-the-art cybersecurity and data management protocols to keep your confidential information protected and ensuring the process moves along smoothly. 

Title Services

We perform title searches and evaluate the title to land, identifying any defects and matters that may impact your ownership, resolving all necessary title matters before a purchase is complete. We facilitate a stress-free closing and handle all the communications with the buyer, seller, real estate agent and lender to ensure all legal documents are properly tendered and each closing is a success.

Escrow Services

Sibila Law securely holds all money deposits in escrow for real estate transactions. We distribute all payments for closing repairs, Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act withholdings, post-closing occupancy agreements and more, ensuring that your funds are properly handled throughout the entire process. 

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