A Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning Attorney, Estrellita S. Sibila has been working to help her community since she was a law student at the University of Miami, where she helped run a tax assistance program. She was the first attorney in Miami-Dade County to be designated a LEED Certified Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council and served on the Young Leaders Executive Committee of the United Way and the Estate and Gift Tax Planning Board of the Archdiocese of Miami. She also chaired the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Green Task Force and served on the Miami Green Commission.

“There’s nothing better than hearing an actual story about how you’ve impacted someone and what you’ve learned from an experience in volunteering — that becomes the glue that helps bind a potential volunteer and the organization. It’s the human factor,” she says. “My parents were adamant about us giving back, and even though we might have plenty now, we might not always.”

In college and law school at the University of Miami, she ran a volunteer tax assistance program. She became involved in the Cuban American Bar Association, chaired the Green Taskforce for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and served on the board of the United Way’s Young Leaders, along with numerous other activities. The experiences ultimately produced an important realization that ended with one of Miami’s more unique fairs: PhilanthroFest.  

“It’s all about establishing an informed and engaged community,” she says. “We have amazing resources, located in a place that’s always going to be desirable — it’s our duty to make this an even more amazing community for generations to come.”

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