More than a fashion statement, your bag is your most trusted sidekick for all your daily go-to needs. Read on to find out what it’s like to be the “chosen one” for the day. And, yes, we’ve let the bag do the talking.

Written by Estrellita S. Sibila for Brickell Magazine

6:30 AM
“I wonder what she’s going to wear today? I haven’t been out for weeks. Oh jeez, she’s going for the orange skirt and printed blouse. I can work with that. I’m versatile. Pick me, pick me. I’m stylish, limited-edition and all the other girls will just swoon when you walk in with me on your arm.”

7:00 AM
“Woah. I’m packed extra heavy today. Looks like it’s gonna be a long one. Spinning before work and then drinks with the girls after work?! No problem, I’m roomy! OMG! Not your stinky spin shoes! Ugh…she needs a real gym bag. I feel used.”

9:00 AM
“Ahhh, the office. Here I perch all day on a chair, a throne of sorts, where I’m safe from coffee stains and sticky fingers. Wait a minute…something in here is buzzing uncontrollably like an electric shock device. Oh, it’s just that pesky cell phone on vibrate again. I hope she forgot her charger at home.”

12:30 PM
“Tummies are grumbling and it’s time for my afternoon walk. I hope we go somewhere awesome to eat, not one of those restaurants with the rounded chair backs where I just slide right onto the floor. NOT THE FLOOR. We arrive and score a booth. She tucks me safely next to her lap and I feel myself about to purr. But, alas, I’m not a kitty. I’m just a purse.”

2:15 PM
“I was supportive of the spin shoes this morning but this is taking it too far. There’s leftovers in here now! Are you kidding? It’s getting all over my lining — it’s going to smell like shrimp lo-main in here for a while. I hope the perfume leaks.”

5:30 PM
“Yipee! She brought me to happy hour. I’m definitely carrying most of the weight in this relationship. Who does she turn to when she needs a mint? Or a new coat of lipstick? Or a quick look in the mirror? I even have a Band-Aid for her in case she gets a pesky blister or a papercut. She does call me her BFF!”

8:30 PM
“Home sweet home. Boy, those girls can gab, sip and repeat for hours. At one point they passed me around the table to inspect my hardware, squeeze my sides and play with my zipper…one of them even sniffed me. I can’t wait to snuggle up in my cozy corner on the purse shelf, protected and knowing that I was CHOSEN today. I hope she stays in tomorrow. I need a break.”

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